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Communication Excavations offer a full range of NBN services to manage every stage of your project. By combining NBN design, installation and compliance certificate requirements, you will streamline your NBN installation. Our experience and commitment to quality ensures that your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

NBN Design

We offer 3rd Party Pit and Pipe (3PPP), NBN Greenfield Approved designs. Australia Wide pit and pipe/communication needs. Our design team has over 10 years of experience in NBN and can ensure the optimum design for your project.

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NBN Construction

We are one of the biggest installers of 3PPP, NBN Greenfield for the Greater Sydney Region. We have a number of highly trained crews with years of experience. We have constructed and delivered compliance to over 7000 lots in the last 12 months.

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NBN Compliance

After your Pit and Pipe installation has been completed by our trained installers, we will offer you a Compliance certificate. This is to confirm that the lots have been provisioned. You will be able to present this to Council for your land registration.

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10,263Lots completed in the last 12 months
423NBN Pit & Pipe Designs
502,000Metres of installed conduit

The Comex Difference

It starts with understanding that NBN Pit & Pipe Design is more than just the one point we are building.

We understand that to ensure the integrity of your project, it must be constructed in line with best-practice industry standards, which are imperative to it’s compliance, as well as it’s longevity and reliability as part of the National Broadband network.

10 years of experience and expertise in all areas of design, construction and compliance will ensure that your project will be completed by one of the industries most trusted providers.


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